Is God Calling Me To This?


I’ve written to you before expressing my frustration at being married to an unbeliever and being unable to be as fully involved in service as I would like to be. Recently, I’ve sensed the Lord telling me I’ve been trying to walk someone else’s walk instead of my own walk with Him. Instead of embracing my situation and what the Lord would have me do, I’ve been envious of other Christians who are free to serve in the church. I really want to walk in the works God has laid out before me.

I am a wife and mother, and am completely surrounded by family members who do not know the Lord. I’m sensing the Lord telling me my service to Him involves praying for and ministering to my family who don’t know Him. I’m not sure of the best way to do that aside from prayer and would love to have your wisdom in this situation. I know time is very short, and I don’t want to spend what’s left of my earthly life envying someone else’s walk, thereby missing out on what God intends for me. What do you think?


The best way to tell if it’s the Lord asking you to pray for and minister to your family is to start doing it. Study and pray over Romans 12:1-2 and 1 Peter 3:1-6 to get a clearer sense of what the Lord is saying to you. (I think it’s appropriate to expand Peter’s message to include your whole family.) It makes sense to me that He could be calling you to this, and if so it’s one of the most important things a mother could ever do.