What Are They Doing Up There?


I haven’t written with a question in a long time…but I’m still praising God everyday when I read your articles and timely responses to readers questions. You can’t imagine the number of times I have silently “high fived” you with a “good answer, Jack”. You continue to bless me with your anointed insight to explaining scripture in the most elemental ways.
I recently lost my wonderful husband of 38 years. We made promises to meet again just “inside the eastern gate.” My thoughts frequently go to the fact that he (soul and spirit) is already with our Saviour, even though his earthly body is still here on earth. (Absent from the body / present with the Lord.) My wonderings are along this line…is he already in his mansion (room) ? What is he doing while he waits for the rapture (or death) to bring me up ? Are there any clues in scripture as to what everone already there is doing while they wait ?


Sorry to say the Bible offers no specific information on either the whereabouts or activities of those in Heaven awaiting the rapture. Paul did say it would be “better by far” to be there than here. (Phil. 1:23). It’s probably a good thing we don’t know more about it. If we knew what it’s like there, we’d just be more miserable here. But since they can’t achieve their full inheritance without resurrection bodies, my guess is that the dead in Christ are even more excited for the rapture than we are.