What Happened To Gehazi’s Leprosy?


I was wondering what your thoughts are Gehazi being pronounced a leper in 2 Kings 5:27 then his reappearance in 8:4 but no sign or further discussion about him being a leper. What happened to his leprosy?


The Bible doesn’t say anything more about Gehazi’s leprosy after Elisha cursed him and his family. But according to Talmudic teaching the four lepers outside the city gate in 2 Kings 7:3 were Gehazi and his 3 sons. They’re the ones who discovered that the Arameans had abandoned their siege against Samaria. Because of their honesty in promptly reporting this, they wound up saving the entire population from starvation. Since Gehazi is seen in the presence of the King in 2 Kings 8:4, which would have been impossible if he still had the disease, it may be that the Lord put his leprosy into remission as a reward for his efforts to save the people of Samaria.