What Happened To The Body Of Moses?


Absent a “professional” explanation, I have always thought that the dispute over the body of Moses and the reason God secretly buried it was to prevent a subsequent apotheosis of Moses and his burial place becoming a shrine of towering importance to rival even the Temple in the minds of the people. What, in your thinking, was the reason for the dispute?


The Bible is silent on this issue which of course has led scholars to speculate endlessly about it. Some say it’s because God needed the body, but that’s crazy because it would have returned to dust after a very short time in the ground. Besides, if He needed a body for Moses He could just make one. After all when Moses appeared with Jesus on the Mt. of Transfiguration he was in a body. Your thought that He hid the burial place from everyone to avoid it becoming a shrine may have some merit, although I’ve been to the ruins of just such a shrine on Mt. Pisgah (Nebo) that dates from from Biblical times. The reality is that we just don’t know.