What Happens To A Gentile / Jewish Couple?


I have a question about having a Jewish spouse. What happens after the rapture to a gentile/Jewish couple? I know they are no longer married but do they ever get to see each other again do you think? What about children that are half gentile half Jewish. Is where they go depend on their beliefs and age at that time? What do you think about the Jewish parent seeing their children if in fact they are in the New Jerusalem? Do all Jewish people have to reside separately on earth at that time?


All believers in Jesus will go in the rapture, whether Jew or Gentile, and will live in the New Jerusalem. If either party in the marriage you describe misses the rapture they’ll have the chance to be saved during the Tribulation and will become part of the Millennial Kingdom. (Jews will live in Israel and Gentiles in the nations.) If they haven’t accepted the Lord by the 2nd Coming they’ll be sent away forever at that time.

Children under the age of reason will go in the rapture with the believing parent. Children old enough to comprehend the sin / salvation issue will be responsible for their own choices.

The Bible is silent on the issue of visitation opportunities between the Church and other Millennial believers, saying only that nothing impure can enter the New Jerusalem (Rev. 21:27). It’s my personal opinion that we in the Church will be able to visit Earth.