What Happens On Earth After The Rapture?


I love your web site and have learned so much. My question is about the people left here after the Rapture. Who will minister to them if all the pastors, Christian leaders and we who attempted to save souls while here, are gone? Is this where the Elect are used and who is the Elect? What will be happening here in the US during the tribulation and will it be similar to what is occurring in Israel?


After the Rapture, the Lord will commission 144,000 Jewish people who will have just become believers in Jesus to evangelize the world (Rev. 7:1-8). In addition there will be many gentiles who come to the Lord because of the rapture. Some of these will be people who the Church tried unsuccessfully to convert, teaching them many things about the Gospel and the End Times in the process. Others will have actually spent years going to church on Sunday, attending Bible studies, and listening to their friends talk about things to come, but never got serious enough to actually become born again. The rapture will be the last piece of evidence they need to become convinced. Many teachers and leaders will emerge from among these groups.

The effects of the End Times judgments will be world wide, and by some accounts will cause about 1/2 of the population to die. Cities will be destroyed and governments will topple, and many public services will cease to exist. Jeremiah 30:11 says that one outcome of the Great Tribulation will be to completely destroy the nations to which Israel was scattered. America is chief among those nations.