What Happens To Earth People After The Millennium?


Hi! Thank you for such a great website. My question is this. The people who become believers during the tribulation will go into the millennium and reproduce etc. What happens to them and their children during and after the 1000 years? Are they transformed into heavenly bodies after the 1000 years? Are their children automatically believers after the reach the age of accountability? Where are those of us who have been raptured kept during the 1000 year reign?

I get so confused about all of this. Thanks so much for your time and work. I really hope you are able to reply.


The only things we know for sure about the people born on Earth during the Millennium are that they’ll live a long time and during their lifetimes they’ll have to choose to be saved just like you and I did. There are two reasons to support this view.

1. The Temple in Israel functions as a memorial to remind people what He did, and the Church will serve as a model of God’s grace. (Ezek. 40-48 & Ephesians 2:7).
2. When Satan is freed there are enough unbelievers on Earth to provide a great army for him which God destroys by fire (Rev. 20:7-9) The rest of the unbelievers who survive to the End will be judged with the rest at the end of the Millennium.

The Bible doesn’t give any clear explanation of the disposition of Millennial believers.

The church will populate the New Jerusalem. It comes down out of Heaven with Jesus at the end of the Great Tribulation but never lands on Earth. I think of it as a mini-planet or perhaps a low Earth orbit satellite. It’s 1400 miles wide and tall, whereas the Earth is about 8,000 miles wide and tall.