What Happens When We Leave?


For those of us who are leaving much of their estate to Christian causes, what do you see happening when the Rapture occurs? It could be a real mess as greed tries to interfere with what we intended the money to be used for. The Christians will be gone so who tends the store?


When we leave Earth in the rapture, it will be forever. Our focus will change from concern for the things of this world to the excitement of the destiny that awaits us. The money we’ve donated to earthly causes will be more than replaced by the treasure that such donations will have caused to be stored up in heaven for us. Events on Earth will no longer be an issue for us, having been placed in God’s hands. Any misuse of our earthly donations by those left behind will be punished by God, who will also see to it that legitimate post rapture ministries have sufficient resources to accomplish His will. In short, we won’t give it another thought.