What Is The Anointing?


Hi, I was hoping you would answer this question for me. Could you explain to me what exactly the anointing is? I have heard people talk about it but no one has actually taken the time to tell me what it is. Thank you and God Bless you and continue to do what you do! I am blessed every time I come online and read. I learn a lot too.


When some one is anointed, it means they are chosen or set apart for a special purpose. The ceremony often involves applying oil to the person’s forehead. Aaron was anointed, chosen by God, as Israel’s High Priest. The word Messiah means “anointed one” confirming that Jesus was chosen to die for our sins and set apart for that purpose.

Anointing can also imply a special gift or power. Calling someone an anointed speaker or writer, for example, means that we believe God has given them a special gift or ability. Receiving an anointing can sometimes refer to this special gifting by the Holy Spirit.