What Is The QuiverFull Movement?


What is your opinion of the Quiverfull movement? Is it biblical? Most Quiverfull subscribers think that it is mandated for everyone, do you agree?


The QuiverFull movement consists of Christians who believe children are a gift from God and therefore no preventive measures should be taken to limit family size. Followers come mostly from the US, Canada, Australia, England and New Zealand and are said to number in the thousands. They believe no matter how many children the Lord grants us He’ll also provide us with the means to support and nurture them. They take their view from Psalm 127:3-5 where children are likened to a quiver of arrows and the man whose quiver is full is considered to be blessed. It’s not a new idea, having been popular among believers at various times through out history, especially in the time before artificial birth control methods were available. I think it’s a legitimate interpretation of Psalm 127, and have observed several large Christian families who appear to enjoy God’s blessing in abundance. But I don’t believe the Bible necessarily mandates large families for all believers.