What’s Happening In Turkey?


I think you said somewhere that Turkey has to change sides in the future and I can’t remember if you mentioned a future election that might sway
things…Anyway, if you did, I just read that Turkey
is having an Election Sunday. I assume the Government is presently secular and they fear that it could become Islamic, if I’m getting that right? Would the result have any bearing on Prophecy?


As you know by now, the Islamic party won a clear majority in Sunday’s election. It appears that they’ll wind up with 340 of the 550 seats in parliament. This has always been a problem for the secular military (that really controls the country) in the past. But the Prime Minister was quick to say that there would be no changes in Turkey’s official position as a secular country, and that reforms needed to keep Turkey on track for admission into the EU would continue. What prophetic effect this will have is not clear yet, but the way I read Ezekiel 38, Turkey has to become part of the Moslem Coalition instead of being allied with Israel and the West as they currently are. This may be a big step in that direction.