What’s The Lord Telling Me?


I have a question about giving. A couple years ago, my wife and I prayed about an opportunity that would enable us to give more to the Lord. We looked into a small business opportunity that she could run while I maintained my full time job. We prayed about this endeavor and felt the green light to move forward. This was two years ago. Since that time, we haven’t made any money in the business. In church this morning, I felt the Lord tug at my heart and ask me to trust Him with the income from that small business even though it’s not making money. If I do this it will mean there will be some business bills I can’t pay right away. Do you think the Lord is waiting for me to start giving from the business revenue before the business prospers?


I don’t know enough about your situation to offer any specific advice, but I do know that the Lord would not ask you to be a poor witness by failing to pay your bills in a timely way. I think you should consider the possibility that a different voice is trying to lead you astray. Maybe you should also look for some additional confirmation that the Lord really put you into this business. Your desire to give more is admirable, but you need to be certain that this is the way He’s chosen for you to do this.