When Is The Day Of Visitation?


Could you help me out here please? In 1 Pet 2: 9-12 describe one reason or purpose of our good works…that is glorify God in the day of visitation. When is that day? Is it now or the time of judgment to all nations?


I think Peter is indulging in a little exaggeration here to make his point. He said we should live such good lives that even the pagans who accuse us of wrong doing will glorify God for our good deeds. Normally pagans don’t glorify God for anything, and especially not for the things we do, since they are our accusers.

Since both the Bema Seat and Great White Throne judgments are conducted off planet, the Day of Visitation Peter was speaking about would have to be the judgment at the 2nd Coming, spoken of in Joel 3:1-3 and Matt. 24:31-46.