Where Does The Word Amen Come From?


In case you have time for this trivial question on the origin and use of the word “amen” or similar words. A friend told me that some scholars have concluded that it origin is Egypt from the pharaoh Amen Ra. I’m curious to see if I can find any useful answers to his questions on the word “amen.”


The Biblical word translated Amen is of Hebrew origin and is not the same as the Egyptian name (which is really Amon-Ra). Amen means verily or truly and comes from a root meaning to confirm. The Greek word is the same and was simply borrowed from the Hebrew. When you say amen to your own someone else’s prayer you’re confirming it as the truth. For example, In Deut. 27:15-26 the people were instructed to say amen after each of the curses Moses pronounced against detestable behavior, confirming them as truth.