Where Will Jesus Live?


I get myself confused trying to decipher where Jesus will be during the Millennium. I understand that the New Jerusalem is a “satellite” where we the church will reside. Will what we now know as the current Jerusalem still exist on the earth? I tend to think it will based on Zech. 8:4-5. From your article on sacrifices during the Millennium, I believe there will exist a temple on earth where the sacrifices occur. So, will Jesus reside on the earth? But we read that a New Jerusalem is a light source for the earth. Is this Light Source God (Shekinah Glory) since Jesus is on the earth?


After the rapture the church and the Lord will always be together. That means He’ll be where we are, even though He’ll be king of the whole Earth. In a sense, you could say the Earth is His Kingdom, and the New Jerusalem is the capitol city. Also, in Ezekiel 43:7 God says He’ll dwell among the Israelites in the New Temple on Earth forever. But Rev. 22:22 says that God is the temple in the New Jerusalem. So both the Father and the Son can be found in both places.

There will still be a place called Jerusalem on Earth, and just north of it there will be a new Holy City where the Temple will be located. Animal sacrifices will be made there every day. And Yes, it’s the Glory of God that will light the world (Rev. 21:23).