Where Will The Lord Reign? Follow Up


We were under the belief that the Church will dwell in the New Jerusalem, with Jesus, as Kings and Priests. Your answer to the question “Where will the Lord Reign”, seems to contradict our belief, unless we are misunderstanding something. Can you please help us understand this issue?


Rev. 21:9-10, 27 make it clear that the Church will dwell in the New Jerusalem as the bride of Christ. But just like a man’s place of work can be the city while the home he shares with his wife and family is in the suburbs, the physical location of the seat of the Lord’s government can be in one place while the location of the Church’s dwelling place can be some place else.

In John 14:2-3 and 1 Thes. 4:16-18 we are promised that after the rapture we’ll always be with the Lord. But I don’t think that necessarily means we’ll always be in His physical presence, any more than a husband and wife who promise to always be together would necessarily always be in each others physical presence. And the fact is that Rev. 22:3 tells us the location of His throne is in the Holy City on Earth not in the New Jerusalem, where there is neither throne nor temple.