Where’s The Temple Going To Be?


Your book, 7 Things You Have To Know To understand End Times Prophecy mentions the Coming Temple being located where a Tabernacle once stood in Shiloh but I don’t see how this can really take the place of the Temple Mount where both previous Temples stood. There is no doubt that God dwelt in King Solomon’s temple and while God is not confined to one place I really don’t see the any push for other sites being considered. While it is puzzling how the temple would escape destruction in the coming splitting of the Mt. of Olives, could the valley not extend all the way there in a straight line, but rather veer off on a tangent?


You’re taking the same approach as many others, and that’s the problem. The Jews call the next Temple either the 3rd Temple or Ezekiel’s Temple, but no one looks in the Book of Ezekiel to see where it will be. Instead they focus on where the previous two temples were. Some Christians even add another Temple into the mix, calling Ezekiel’s temple the 4th one, and locate their new 3rd Temple on the current Temple mount.

I’ve attended several Temple conferences in Jerusalem, with leading Jews and Christians in attendance, and heard all the arguments for this. They make some reasonable human assumptions, but in my opinion there’s nothing in Scripture to support them.

Some years ago Clarence Larkin wrote a book entitled Dispensational Truth. On page 93-94 of that book is the best map I’ve seen for locating Ezekiel’s Temple. It’s based on instructions given in Ezekiel 48 that you can even plot yourself if you’re of a mind to. Either way, when you compare it with a map of Israel you’ll see that it’s in Shiloh, not Jerusalem.