Where’s Their Kingdom?


I find it interesting that everything I read in your responses has the church living in a different location than God’s chosen people for eternity. I’m confused about the kingdom of God. It seems to be offered to the disciples who became part of the church. It says they would be rulers in the kingdom of God. Are the Jews not part of that kingdom?


The reason I stress the fact that the Church will not be on Earth during the Millennium, is because it will be the time of Israel’s Kingdom Age. Most people don’t understand that after the rapture, Israel will once again become the center of the Lord’s attention. Having the Church on Earth at the same time would present a theological conflict.

Therefore, during the Millennium Israel will be the preeminent nation of God’s Kingdom on Earth and the Church will be in the New Jerusalem, which is not on Earth. According to Zechariah 14:9 Jesus will be King of the whole Earth. The New Jerusalem will be something like His palace, where He’ll “live” with His bride, the Church.

According to Matt. 19:28, the disciples will sit on 12 thrones during the Kingdom Age, judging the 12 tribes of Israel. One of the meanings of the Greek word for “judging” is “governing”.