Who Are The Jews?


Biblically, what’s the difference between the Jews, the Israelis, and the Gentiles? Are the Jews just from the tribe of Judah? Are the Israelis all those that are considered Jews and Gentiles in the bible? (personally, I do not believe so, but could use some help with solid answers, I’m a bit confused) Thank you SOOOO much!!


The word Jew comes from Judah, one of Israel’s 12 sons. Jews became known by that name when the Kingdom was divided around 900 BC. The northern kingdom kept the name Israel and the south became known as Judah. Before then they were all called Israelites. Today, Jews live all over the world, but the ones who live in Israel are called Israelis. Gentile comes from the Hebrew word meaning nations. All the people in the world who aren’t Jews are Gentiles.