Who Are The Tribulation Believers?


Who are the people that get saved during the Tribulation? Are they co-workers that I have been trying to witness to or brothers and sisters that I have been contending for? If so, how do they not fall into being deceived for the great deception that is going to come?


People you’ve been witnessing to who don’t choose to become believers before the rapture will be left behind to endure the end times judgments. Many of them will remember what you and others have been trying to tell them and will get saved then. We call them tribulation believers.

If by brothers and sisters you’ve been contending for you mean fellow believers who may be struggling, they’ll go in the rapture with the rest of us. The only condition for inclusion in the rapture is to be a born again believer.

As for being deceived, 2 Thes. 2:9-12 says people who’ve previously rejected the truth will be deceived and will perish. Since there are great numbers of Tribulation believers, I believe this means that those who didn’t make up their minds one way or the other will get another opportunity to be saved during the end times judgments. But those who have firmly decided against the Lord’s offer of pardon will be deceived and will be unable to change their mind.