Who Else Is Missing?

Q. Hello, I want to say thank you for GTF. After surviving a severe stroke, in a very devastated condition, with my assurance of faith under constant attack, your articles have been a much-needed source of strength helping to restore my faith.

I was intrigued to note today’s comments that America does not appear in the Biblical End times prophecies,and it is indeed ominous for us all.

It made me ask which other presently world-significant nations e.g. France, Germany, UK., etc. are also absent from the Biblical scenario, I’d value any comment you have the time to give about this.

A. The West, as we call it, is mentioned in Scripture only in the context of the end times empire that Daniel called the feet of iron mixed with clay, known by some scholars as the revived Roman Empire. (Daniel 2:31-33) Others speculate they might be 10 regional governments who control the whole earth under the authority of th anti-Christ. Rev. 17:12 is their basis for this view. Europe would likely be one of these regions, and perhaps the Americas would be another. But it’s becoming clear that as the time of the End draws near the world’s focus will be on the Middle East, and with few exceptions the rest of the world will be only that, the rest of the world.

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