Who Is That In Rev. 7:1-9?


In Revelation 7:9-17… I had always been taught that this was the scene of the Rapture. I have read your articles regarding these being Tribulation saints, but I am confused about them serving before the throne of God day and night. Won’t that throne be in the New Jerusalem? If it is here on earth and Revelation 22 gives a picture of this throne, then it seems that we won’t get to be in the presence of the Lord in the New Jerusalem, only the Trib saints will.


That’s not the Church in Rev. 7:1-9. The most obvious reason is their job description is wrong in that they’re neither kings nor priests, nor the bride, but serve God day and night in His Temple. They’re called Tribulation Saints.

God has both a Temple and a Throne in Heaven and on Earth. The Throne in Rev. 22 is the one on Earth, and according to verse 3 the Tribulation saints will serve there. The New Jerusalem where the Church will dwell has no Temple (Rev. 21:22). But in John 14:2-3 and 1 Thes. 4:17 we’re told that after the Rapture we’ll always be with Jesus. Ephesians 2:6 says we’ll be seated in the heavenly realms with Him.