Who Is The Day Star?


In the KJV, 2 Peter 1:19 refers to day star not morning star. I took this to mean we are to take heed and not be fooled by Satan. The KJV refers to Satan as Lucifer in Isaiah. Some bible versions refer to Satan as morning star in Isaiah and some refer to Satan as day star in Isaiah. I know Christ is the morning star. Who is the day star – Christ or Satan?


2 Peter 1:19 is a reference to the Messiah. Some translations use day star and some use morning star. And in Rev. 22:16 Jesus called himself the morning star.

The Greek word in 2 Peter 1:19 can mean either day star or morning star and literally referred to the Planet Venus. It’s figurative meaning stems from the fact that just as in the physical sense the appearance of Venus in the sky signaled the emergence of the day from out of the night, so in the spiritual sense the Lord’s appearance signaled the emergence of light from out of the darkness. (Isaiah 9:2)

In the King James translation of Isaiah 14: 12 the Latin word Lucifer (meaning light bearer) was used to translate a Hebrew word that means “shining one”. The complete Hebrew phase is Heylel ben shakar, or “shining one, son of the dawn”. It’s thought by most to be a reference to Satan. Since Jesus called Himself the Morning Star, I believe it’s improper to translate Isaiah 14:12 in such a way as to infer that Satan is either the day star or the morning star.