Who Was Making This Outcry? Follow Up


Re: Who Was Making This Outcry? Your response to this question kind of missed the mark in my opinion. I use the KJV and it makes it pretty plain that Sodom and Gomorrah were the source of the “Outcry”. For instance, if you walk by a park filled with children playing and having fun, the cry of it will be joyous. Walk by the same park another time filled with picketers chanting against something, the cry of it will be a cry of protest. What I’m saying is, nobody had to play the part of “Tattle-Tale”. The cry of the cities were witness against them.


It doesn’t matter which translation you look at. God promised Abraham that He would spare the cities if even 10 righteous people were found in them (Genesis 18:32). Since He did not spare the cities we can conclude He couldn’t find 10 righteous people. In your opinion, who besides Lot would have been crying out to God?