Who Will Be Left To Fight?


Please help me understand how there will be people capable of even gathering for the battle of Armageddon. I know it will happen because that is what God stated. I’m just having problems figuring out how. How enough unbelieving people would have survived to get to that point since by then a lot has happened. I just see a world completely destroyed by the wrath of God’s judgments, natural disasters & good vs evil world wars; unbelievers on the verge of death due to the demonic bug bites, no drinking water, and people hiding in caves just for survival & living in complete fear.


No one can give an accurate tally of the effect of the End Times judgments on the world’s population, but here’s an educated guess. Some say the rapture could take as many as 1 billion people from the Earth. Since there are 7 billion people alive now that would leave a post rapture population of 6 billion people. If you interpret Rev. 6:8 to mean one fourth of that population will die in the Seal judgments (which isn’t certain), and Rev. 9:18 to mean one third of the Seal judgment survivors will die in the Trumpet judgments, that means half the Earth’s population, about 3 billion people, will still be alive when the Great Tribulation begins.

In the exodus from Egypt it’s been estimated that for every one of the 600,000 fighting men that were counted among the 12 tribes there were about three others who due to age, gender, or other reasons were not numbered. If that same average holds true at the end of the age, then theoretically one fourth of the world’s 3 billion people would be able to fight. That’s 750 million potential soldiers. An unknown number of these will be martyred believers, dead unbelievers, and others who will have somehow escaped the world government’s clutches. If two-thirds of the 750 million potential soldiers fell into this category there would still be 250 million troops gathered at Armageddon for the final battle. If that seems like a lot, remember it’s only 3.6% of the world’s current population.