Is It Wrong To Go Over there And Fight?


Thank you for very clear scriptural answers to some difficult questions these many years. I would like to know if you feel it is wrong if Christians would take up arms against ISIS, and go there to physically fight against them. They seem to be causing an upheaval unlike anything we’ve seen since the crusades.


Unless you’re a Christian from the area that’s being directly threatened, I don’t believe this is something anyone should undertake on his or her own initiative. It should only be done after receiving God’s clear and specific direction. There are other perhaps more effective ways to oppose this ungodly movement, prayer being one of the best. If you feel your own prayers are not as powerful as you’d like, organize a prayer group of Christians who will add their voices to yours and multiply the effect. You can pray for those believers who are directly engaged, for those who are being oppressed, and against those who are oppressing them.