Who Will Pray Psalm 83?


Re: Psalm 83. This plea to the Lord is for the Lord to do all these things to Israel’s neighbors. That conveys that the nation recognizes the Lord and is asking for His help. Wouldn’t their eyes need to be opened and their hearts turned to Him to ask Him to help them as a nation to defend them against those who are trying to wipe them out of existence?


Psalm 83 is not a prayer that will need to be prayed when the time comes. It’s a prayer that was sent up to the Lord already and is waiting for the event to catch up. There’s really nothing modern day Israel has to do for God to act on this prayer. There’s been an action item on His to-do list for 3000 years now. He knew the latter-day nation would be out of covenant, but He also knew they would need to win this battle to create the conditions for His prophecy in Ezekiel 38-39. So He had Asaph record this prayer when Israel was still in covenant and then He made sure no subsequent battle could be confused with Psalm 83 so when Israel wins we will know He answered Asaph’s prayer.