Who’s To Blame Here?


I want to start off by saying that I love what you are doing. The problem that I have is that my wife blames everything that happens in the world on God. I remember reading in the Old Testament that we are the ones that asked for a King to lead us. To me, that means that all that has happened is our fault. God is just waiting to come back to show us that we are not right and “man can’t walk on his own two feet more or less rule himself.” Whether this is right or not, please help her understand that God is not to blame for the corrupt world we live in. Thanks for your love and faith. Keep doing what you doing, please!


God didn’t create the world to be this way. When Man sinned, Satan took over here. (1 John 5:19) That’s when sin and disease in all their forms entered the world. So there are two guilty parties. Satan and sinful man. One of Satan’s greatest accomplishments has been to convince us that everything bad that happens is God’s fault.