Why Am I Giving To Those Without Need?


This isn’t really a question but a thought. Why should I tithe at my church when the pastors there live in million dollar houses and drive a BMW or Mercedes. Yes, I do know this for a fact. So basically my tithe is supporting their expensive mortgages. These same men turn around and tell all of us to be content with what we have and that having a lot of money is basically evil unless we use it for God’s purpose. Yeah, like supporting their BMW payments.


While most people do so, there’s no rule that says you have to give all (or even most) of your tithe to your local congregation. If they seem to have all they need, find a local para-church ministry like a food bank or mission to the homeless where you see the Lord at work and pitch in there. The important thing is that your giving should be an expression of your gratitude for what the Lord has done for you, showing the same generosity toward others that He has shown toward you. When it creates resentment you’re defeating its purpose.