More On Giving To Get


In regards to tithing, you have mentioned that 10% is simply the amount the Lord established as the standard. If a family’s financial situation is so tight such that giving 10% is wishful but just not practical, is the family going to have their blessings from God curtailed, or do you believe God will consider the cheerfulness of the family giving what they can, and not hold back on blessing them with increase?


I wouldn’t presume to evaluate your financial situation or try to predict what the Lord will do. All I know is what He said, which is that your generosity toward others will determine His generosity toward you (Luke 6:38). This is a cause and effect process that begins as an act of faith. The first step is to look for ways to be generous toward others whether you get any more blessing or not. When the Lord sees that you’re doing this out of gratitude for what you already have, and not in an effort to get more for yourself, He’ll respond accordingly.