Why Are The Catholic 10 Commandments Different?


I have seen a couple different versions of the Ten Commandments. Can you explain the difference between the Catholic and Lutheran versions and others and if there was any misguided reasoning for the change?


The Catholic version of the 10 Commandments differs from the Biblical version in that the second commandment has been deleted and the fourth commandment has been changed to accommodate Sunday worship, with the tenth commandment being split to become the ninth and tenth.

At the Council of Trent the Catholic Archbishop of Reggio declared that tradition now stood above scripture, hence the changes. Through out history several denominations have taken the position that because they are “The Church”, they have the authority on earth to make changes like this as long as they remain true to the general intent of Scripture.

In his writings Martin Luther basically followed the Catholic version of the 10 commandments. Despite what changes these denominations make, there will be untold millions saved, including Catholics and Lutherans.