Why Count From 1967?


I really enjoy your mp3 studies. It seems they don’t come fast enough.

Having listened to your Prophecy 2008 series, I am curious about something you said. You mentioned the window of opportunity for the Lord’s Return as being sometime between 2018 & 2037; adding 70 years (the lifespan of a generation) to 1948 & 1967.

Why would you say that? Doesn’t the beginning of the signs of the End Times start with the rebirth of Israel, since it came before the retaking of Jerusalem? Why the confusion? Adding 70 years to 1967, is like saying the rebirth of Israel was not that significant to count as the beginning of signs.


There are two reasons why I included the 1967 date. First, I was only trying to create a range of time, not establish a specific date. I believe that 2037 is the latest possible date for all end times prophecy to be fulfilled.

My second reason is that in the Lord’s first coming, prophesied in Daniel 9:24-27, the 483 year count down began when the order was given to restore and rebuild Jerusalem, not when the Israelites were re-gathered in the Land. History has a way of repeating itself.

But remember, I’m talking about all end times prophecies including the 2nd Coming. The Rapture is not dependent upon any other end times event and can still happen any day.