Why Did God Do This?


God has created people who are deaf, dumb, blind, crippled, etc. Why? I can not understand, why he created these people, what is the real message behind this creation and what does God want from us? What is the logic behind this whole thing?

Could you please explain why war, sickness pain and misery?


You’re overlooking one very important detail, and that is that this world is in a fallen state, infested with sin, and under the control of the devil (1 John 5:19). Genesis 5:1-3 says that God created Adam and Eve in his own likeness, but then after the fall Adam had a son in his own likeness, which by then was fallen and sinful. It’s been that way ever since. God never created anything that wasn’t perfect. It’s Satan’s manipulation of man’s sinfulness that’s responsible for all the war, sickness, pain and misery in the world.

One day soon, God will take us out of the world and into His Kingdom and then you’ll see two things, first that God’s kingdom is prefect, just like its always been, and second that when he’s left alone with Satan man’s world will quickly get even worse than it is now.