Why Did God Set Them Up?


Some years ago I asked (another Christian ministry) Why God, in his foreknowledge, had set up Adam and Eve for failure if he knew the terrible misery it would cause for generations of their descendants, including the descendant named Jesus? They replied that God knew it would be necessary for them to first obtain knowledge of good and evil in order to appreciate the goodness of God and life with him. Having known only perfection since the day of their creation, they had nothing with which to contrast it and were therefore blind to its blessing. What do you think?


I think the premise of your original question is flawed and their answer to it is incorrect. God did not set Adam and Eve up for failure because that would imply trickery and manipulation on His part. It would also make Him responsible for sin entering the world and all the misery it has caused.

When He created Adam and Eve He gave them a paradise in which to live and only one rule to follow. Then He told them what would happen if they broke that rule. Certainly, He knew they would disobey Him, but that was a choice they were free to make or not. It wasn’t the result of a setup.

Saying He wanted us to experience evil so we would appreciate good is an attack on His character and fails to consider the fact that He gave the life of His Son to reverse the effects of Adam and Eve’s disobedience.