Why Didn’t God Prevent The Fall?


Do you have an article that justifies God ‘allowing’ Adam and Eve to eat the forbidden fruit, rather than Him stepping in and stopping them, thus preventing the fall. Another person is trying to use the fact that as ~’God didn’t prevent it, then He must not exist, because according to the way He describes Himself in the Bible, He would have stopped them.’ So the person in reference concludes God doesn’t exist, because he says God doesn’t act the way He says He would.


God commanded Adam and Eve to leave one tree alone and they disobeyed. This shows three things. 1) that obedience to God is voluntary, 2) that disobedience brings consequences, and 3) God loves us enough to pay the penalty for our disobedience if we’ll let Him.

If God wanted to prevent sin, then He would have either destroyed Satan before Adam and Eve ever came along or not given them the power of choice. His goal was never to prevent it, but to show His love for us by redeeming us from it. Asserting the claim that because God didn’t prevent Adam and Eve from sinning then He must not exist is like saying that if our children ever disobey us, then we don’t exist.