Why Didn’t God Prevent 9/11, Follow up


I have a follow up question concerning Why didn’t God prevent what happened on 9/11?

You said, and may I say rather eloquently, that God certainly had no reason to prevent what happened on 9/11 as America, our country, has in so many words told God to Get Lost. So He has. I think I may assume that there must of been some born again Christians working that day in at least one of the twin towers. And I think I can safely assume that there were probably more then ten born again Christians working that day.

Concerning the story of Sodom and Gomorrah and their destruction. The pre-incarnate Jesus Christ visited Abraham and during that time Abraham finally asked if there were at least ten righteous people living in that city would God destroy it. And the answer was no, if there were ten righteous people God would not destroy it.

Do you think I can assume there were at least ten righteous people in the Twin Towers the day they were destroyed? And if I can assume this, why then did God allow the Twin Towers to be destroyed? And to carry this a little further, I would suppose it is of no use to pray that God protect those Christians living in America right now as we live in a country that not only has told God to Get Lost but are also very likely about to elect a Muslim President. I would say it would be a very good idea to be sure every day we ask for forgiveness for all our sins since fire and brimstone are right around the corner.


God’s point to Abraham in Genesis 18:16-33 was that the people of Sodom and Gomorrah were so totally depraved that it required judgment. But for Abraham’s sake if He found even 10 righteous people living there He would spare the cities . This was not meant to be taken as a general rule that could be applied to other judgments. The fact that He destroyed the cities indicates that there weren’t 10 righteous people there.

What should interest us is that He did find one. And before He executed the judgment He instructed His angels to get that one out of there. That, along with other references, serves a model for the Rapture of the Church that the Lord used in Luke 17:28-29 to describe the end times. It tells us that if fire and brimstone are right around the corner, then the Rapture is even closer.