Why Did God Judge Eve First?


Genesis says that God created man and gave him dominion over the earth. Later on in scripture the role and responsibilities of the man and father are further clarified in the lives of others when traditions and roles were defined and then recorded in scripture and advocated as “the law.” My question is this, having been created in God’s image and given dominion and if Adam was the man in charge, why did God approach Eve first in addressing original sin?


Eve was the one who actually sinned first and so God addressed her first. Since Adam was with her and sinned too he was also penalized. By the way Satan had to make it happen this way to accomplish the absolute fall of both. Had he gotten Adam to sin first, Eve would have had the excuse that she was just obeying her husband.

In 1 Timothy 2:14 Paul observed that Eve was deceived but Adam was not. He made the choice to join her in her fallen state rather than remain immortal and alone. It was the first model of the Lord and His Church, because you could say that Adam loved her so much that he gave himself for her. Because he did the family of man was begun, and through a descendant of Eve’s the Messiah was born to redeem what Adam had lost. I believe this is what Paul meant by the woman being saved through child bearing in verse 15.