Why Did Josiah Do It?


I have a question about 2 Chronicles 35:20-21, why did King Josiah go out to fight against Pharaoh Neco? From my understanding the Lord was behind and even commanding Neco in this battle against Carchemish…why would Josiah get involved?


The Bible isn’t clear on why he did it, but the consequences were great. Scholars disagree as to whether the Egyptian army was going to help Assyria against Babylon, or going to help Babylon against Assyria, but most of them conclude that Josiah acted against the Lord’s command and that’s why he was killed. Josiah’s death effectively ended Israel’s period of independence as a nation and their faithfulness to the Lord. 3 years later at the 2nd Battle of Carchemish Babylon defeated both Assyria and Egypt, and on the way home laid siege to Jerusalem. The 70 year Babylonian captivity followed soon after.