Why Do We Need Bodies?


When we die my understanding is that our spirit, free from our earthly body, goes straight to heaven. Why is it necessary later on , at the rapture , to receive resurrection bodies. (dead in Christ will rise first) There are deceased people that have been in heaven now for many years without resurrection bodies and when the rapture happens they will all of a sudden receive a resurrection body. Do you have any idea why God is waiting until the rapture to give us a resurrection body and not straight away when we die .

From my human thinking it doesn’t make much sense but I do know that God sees the bigger picture and he must have a good reason for it.


To enjoy all the blessings of our eternal life, we’ll require a physical body. We know this because Jesus made such a point of demonstrating that He had one (Luke 24:36-39), and John wrote that when we see Him we’ll be like He is. (1 John 3:2) Departed believers have to wait for the rapture to get theirs just like we do. In fact, the entire creation is waiting for the Rapture. (Romans 8:19)