Why Do We Need The Law?


People are accepting Jesus, both Jew & gentile without obedience to a law that was done away with. I have a hard time with the law being reestablished again, when it’s no longer needed for anything. Every time someone reads it a veil goes over their eyes.

Now I realize I don’t know it all but explain this to me.  Why would God do away with the Law and turn us to grace as the only way to be saved, without any type of performance, and then cast that aside and start over with law again and obedience to it and to Jesus?

God is Good, and we aren’t.  It is time we accept that and quit pretending that we can do something that is pleasing to God other than accepting His Son as the only acceptable sacrifice for our sins.


The reason I teach this is because that’s what the Bible says.  The age of grace has been a suspension of the Law not it’s elimination. It was done as a special blessing for those would believe by faith alone (John 20:29).  As soon as the Church is gone this blessing will be withdrawn, because those who come after us will have substantial evidence to support their faith.

And in fact, the only part of the Law that was suspended is the penalty phase. When we sin we are still breaking the Law, but we’re not punished because Jesus was punished in our place.   Colossians 2:13-14 says when Jesus went to the cross, He took our violations of the Law and nailed them to the cross signifying that He was paying the penalty due us.

The Law is perfect (Psalm 19:7-11) and Jesus Himself said that He didn’t come to abolish it but to fulfill it.  He said not even the least part of it will disappear until everything is accomplished (Matt 5:17-18).  Also, grace is not the only way to be saved.  Faith in Jesus is the only way to be saved and has resulted in the salvation of those who are under the law as well as those who aren’t.

The Law was given to  quantify sin (Romans 7:7) and when we understand that we can see it’s purpose as well as our need for it. A quick look around us at the close of the Age of Grace makes it obvious that much of the church has forgotten what sin is. Without the Law as a reminder of God’s  behavioral standards, there’s no limit to man’s depravity.