Why Does God Need Guards?


Since God is omnipotent, omnicient and omnipresent then why would God need for any to guard his throne? Also what book, chapter and verse do people use to back this idea? I do not believe that the anointed cherub was doing that. I believe he was on the original earth overseeing it prior to Adam’s creation. What’s your take on this? I still need book, chapter and verse, because I’ve never found it in the holy bible.


It’s not that God needs anyone to guard Him, it’s a symbol of His authority. Kings of the Earth have always had royal guardians for this same reason. Rev. 4:6 describes the four cherubim surrounding God’s throne. Ezekiel 28:14-16 says Satan was anointed (chosen) as a guardian cherub on the holy mount of God until he was expelled because of his sinfulness.