Why Does He Do That?


I am confused by Matthew 10:23 when it says “you will not finish going through the cities of Israel before the Son of Man comes.” It appears that Jesus is speaking of the “end of the age.” I am confused why he switches from speaking in the present tense to the future tense without informing the reader. I would appreciate your thoughts on this passage.


Matt. 10 is a sweeping set of instructions and comments to the original disciples that were also meant for those who would come after them. The first 16 verses applied primarily to the 12 men He was sending out. Verses 17-20 focus on the early Church, and verses 21-23 speak of the end times, saying that Israel wouldn’t fully accept Him until just before the 2nd Coming. Then, beginning in verse 24 He added a series of general statements that would apply through out the entire church age.

Some parts of the Bible sound strange to our western way of thinking, but it helps to remember that it was the Lord Himself saying these things and He gave us His Holy Spirit to lead us into all truth and understanding (John 16:12-15). Prayer will bring you His guidance to help you comprehend difficult or confusing passages.