Why Don’t They See It?


I went to a website where a Jewish teacher is encouraging Jews to return to Judaism, he doesn’t believe Jesus is the Messiah. He was well versed and gave many scriptures {his interpretation} to back up his beliefs. I’ve been studying the Old Testament and can see Jesus throughout the entire word. Why do some still not accept him? I must say he shook me a bit with his commentaries especially since he knows the Torah so well. However, I do believe Jesus is the Messiah and felt bad that I allowed that to get to me. Could you give your thoughts?


Just because this teacher knows the Torah doesn’t mean he knows the Lord. The Pharisees of Biblical times had the same problem. Jesus said that because they rejected Him, the truth of the Gospel would be hidden from their eyes (Luke 19:42). This has been the case ever since and will remain so until the Church is gone (Romans 11:25).