Why Wasn’t I Healed?


Thank you for your article about healing, Pastor. I have been struggling with a lot of health issues lately. I read a very good book by (a well known Christian author) , where he mentioned that many people believe that in some cases adult males struggle with health issues in their 30-s and 40-s, because of a life long relationship struggle with their mothers. This description most certainly fit my case. I think my health issues may come from that. At the same time, I read your article on healing in faith. I want to believe that I could get healed. Last Sunday I went to church and the pastor offered an anointing and prayer for healing (bodily and in terms of relationships). I felt moved to come and get anointed with oil. I explained to him that I needed to be healed both ways. However, I didn’t think about my relationship with my mother at the time, but with my wife because we struggled that week.

You know, I’m a born again Christian (a Messianic Jew technically speaking), I believe the Bible 100%, but I didn’t get healed that day. Well, my relationship with my wife got a lot better, but I didn’t get well. Why? And most importantly, how can I believe going forward? How in my case I can possbly believe that I can get healed in faith if that already didn’t happen?


There are instances in the Bible where either prayers or answers encountered resistance. For example in Daniel 10:12-14 an angel who was dispatched with the answer to Daniel’s prayer was delayed for 21 days in an altercation with enemy forces. But Daniel never wavered in his belief that an answer would come and maintained his fast throughout the period.

And Peter wrote that relationship problems in our marriages can hinder our prayers. (2 Peter 3:7)

In the parable of the Persistent Widow (Luke 18:2-8) the Lord admonished us to be persistent in prayer. And in the parable of the friend in need (Luke 10:5-8) he told us to be bold. Most Christians today don’t have the faith to be healed even though they’re born again and believe the Bible. Faith comes from hearing the word of God, so read the gospel accounts of healing, study passages on healing like James 5:14-16 and Isaiah 53:4-6, and on our power to overcome resistance like 2 Cor. 10:3-5 and James 4:7. Check your own motives to make certain you really want to be healed. Don’t worry about where your health problems might have come from, and if you harbor any ill feelings toward your mother forgive her and ask the Lord to forgive you. And above all keep praying. Remember, one of God’s names is Jehovah Rapha, which translates “I am the God who heals you”. (Exodus 15:26)