Will All Israel Be Saved? Follow Up


In Will All Israel Be Saved?, you said, “According to Zechariah 12:10, sometime during the Great Tribulation the Lord will pour out His Spirit of grace and supplication causing the eyes of the Jewish people to be opened to the realization that Jesus has been their Messiah all along.” I thought that this was done back in the Ezekiel 38 war at the onset of the tribulation…when God supernaturally intervenes and defeats Israel’s enemies. Are these two separate events then?


Israel’s journey back to God comes in two phases. Following the battle of Ezekiel 38-39 they will return to their Old Covenant relationship with Him. They’ll build a Temple, install priests, and resume animal sacrifices, but will not yet recognize Jesus as their Messiah.

This will mark the beginning of the missing 70th Week of Daniel. 3 1/2 years later the anti-Christ will render the Temple unfit for use and the Great Tribulation will begin. Sometime after that the Lord will pour out His spirit of grace and supplication upon Judah and the inhabitants of Jerusalem and their eyes will be opened to the fact that Jesus is their Messiah as revealed in Zechariah 12:10.