Will Babylon Be Ready?


In Revelation 17-18 the Bible talks of “Babylon the Great” as being the center of the world’s ungodly religion, government, and economics during the end of the Great Tribulation. Currently the site of the ancient city of Babylon is scarcely inhabited to my knowledge. How do you see this current heap of rubble being made into the center of the world’s religion, government, and economics in the near future? For instance, if the 70th week of Daniel started tomorrow, do you see a way that Babylon can be turned into the world’s capital within a 7-year time span?


Some research will show that Babylon has been under construction since the 1980’s. It was halted during the war in Iraq but is beginning again. Much has already been accomplished and the US has just contributed $700,000 for a study on turning Babylon into an international tourist destination. The Iraqis see great financial possibilities for Babylon, and where money leads construction follows.

As for Daniel’s 70th week starting tomorrow it won’t, so there’s no problem there. We’re still several years away from conditions being right for that to happen. The bottom line is that there’s plenty of time to prepare Babylon to fulfill its prophetic destiny.