Will Israel Be Driven From Their Land Again?


My friend was asking my thoughts on a topic that came up during a men’s bible study of Jeremiah. Evidently there are some who believe that Israel will once again be removed from there land. I find that difficult to believe. As I was not at that particular study, I don’t know what verse or verses were used to justify that position (but it did come from Jeremiah). Have you ever hear of this?


There are two passages in Jeremiah that speak of Israel in that context.

In Jeremiah 16:15 the Lord said that His act of bringing Israel back into their land at the end of the Age will one day be seen as a greater miracle than when He delivered them from Egypt.

In Jeremiah 32:37-44 He was talking about bringing them back from all the lands where He banished them. This was partially fulfilled after the Babylonian captivity and will have its ultimate fulfillment at the end of the Age.

In both these verses I believe He was speaking of the re-birth of Israel that began in 1947 and will culminate with the return of the Lord at the Second Coming.

Isaiah 11:11-12 says at that time the Lord will reach out his hand a second time to regather His people. The first regathering was after the Babylonian captivity. These are the only two the Bible mentions.

Israel will have a very difficult time during the Great Tribulation, but according to these passages it won’t result in them being completely removed from the land.