Borders Of The Promised Land


I have some questions regarding the borders for Israel. I have looked for answers but haven’t come up with anything I feel real confident about as far as accuracy. Has Israel ever inhabited all the land that the LORD promised Abraham? Are they doing so now (minus the West Bank and Gaza of course)? If the war prophesied by Psalm 83 comes to pass in the manner we expect it to and Israel gains additional territory from what it has now would they then be in full possession of the LORD’s Promised Land? Assuming that they are not in full possession now: How would their gaining full possession affect End Times time tables?


When you consider the several passages contained in Scripture that define the Promised Land, the best guide for determining its borders is to use the Euphrates River in the North, the River of Egypt (Wadi al Arish) in the South, the Mediterranean in the West and the Jordan River in the East. Although King Solomon had treaties with neighboring kings that gave him access to and revenue from most of this land, Israel has never had complete control over all of it.

A victory in the Battle of Psalm 83 will likely restore all the “Palestinian” land to Israel and perhaps some other land as well. Whether they will wind up in possession of all the land that was promised to Abraham remains to be seen. This would not effect the End Times time table at all, because all these things have been prophesied.

There’s no Scripture that promises Israel full control of all the promised land prior to the 2nd Coming. However, at that time they will receive it all. Ezekiel 48 describes how the land will be allotted, and a comparison with Joshua 14-21 shows there will be some differences.