Borders Of The Promised Land. Follow Up


Re: The Borders Of The Promised Land. You said,”When you consider the several passages contained in Scripture that define the Promised Land, the best guide for determining its borders is to use the Euphrates River in the North, the River of Egypt (Wadi al Arish) in the South, the Mediterranean in the West and the Jordan River in the East.”

Where is the Jordan River stated as the Eastern border? And what about the tribes that stayed on the East side of the river?


In Numbers 34:11-12 and Joshua 1:2 the Lord defined the eastern boundary of the promised land as the Jordan River. The tribes who settled in the East (Reuben, Gad, and Manasseh) were permitted to do so by Moses in exchange for helping the rest of the tribes conquer the promised land (Numbers 32:1-5, 28-33), but this was not the Lord’s original intention.