Will Arabs Inherit The Promised Land Too?


I was reading a book from another prophecy teacher who said: “When Jesus finally establishes His Kingdom, He will remove the enmity from the hearts of both Arabs and Jews. Then He will reconcile the sons of Abraham, and they will live at peace in the Holy Land.” He bases this on Ezk 47:22-23.

The author continues: “Ezekiel reveals that the Promised Land will be allocated in east-west strips to each of the twelve tribes of the restored Israel. However, the Arabs (the “strangers” mentioned in v. 23) will also receive their inheritance of land within Israel.” This makes sense to me since God also promised to bless Ishmael through his descendants.

What is your opinion of this scripture from Ezekiel? Could this be a reason why the Promised Land is so expanded during the Kingdom Age? Thank you once again for your time and patience in giving us your inspired thoughts about the Scriptures.


There are two things to remember here. One is that permission for aliens (strangers) to live among the Israelites is nothing new. It was true in Old Testament times as well, as long as they also kept the law. Leviticus 18:26 is one of 17 similar references to this.

And the second is in the Millennium the only Tribulation survivors who will inherit the kingdom will be followers of Jesus, regardless of their national origin. Whatever peace exists between Jews and Arabs will be due to their common belief in Him.

In my opinion, using Ezekiel 47:22-23 as support for for the idea that Arabs will be given some special status in Israel is reading more into it than was intended.